Massed Band Cadences

Time to get learning....the New Massed Band Cadences!

Recently, there has been a decision made by the Alliance of North American Pipe Band Associations (ANAPBA) to revise the massed band drum scores (snare, tenor and bass) which will now be referred to as "The Massed Band Cadences".

This initiative was started by Jim Sim and Reid Maxwell who, with many others, observed that the massed band drum scores were too difficult for novice drummers playing in grade 5 bands and community bands throughout North America. Many bands have felt obliged to teach the scores to beginner/novice drummers very early in their development so that they could be included in massed bands and parades. Because the scores are beyond the capability of novice players, too many individuals struggle to play them.

The new massed band cadences will allow novice drummers to be included in massed bands by playing simpler scores that are appropriate for their experience level.

It is anticipated that this will facilitate the improvement of massed bands at our highland games and at the same time it will support drummers who are in the earlier stages of development.

Massed Band Cadence Music

The Massed Band Cadences can be found here:

Folder of everything

All Drumming Parts

Snare (Audio files here: folder)

Tenor basic / voiced



  1. Here are the FREE Zoom workshops we are offering to help you get your hands (and head) around the New Massed Band Cadences:

Bass: Wednesday May 18 2022 @7:00pm (Reagan Jones) - watch the recording of the bass workshop

Tenor: Tuesday May 24 2022 @7:00pm (Jamie Alfred) - watch the recording of the tenor workshop

Snare: Thursday May 26 2022 @7:30pm (Brian McCue) - watch the recording of the snare workshop

  1. All drummers are welcome to join us 15 minutes before the Georgetown Opening Massed Bands as well as 15 minutes before the closing Massed Bands to play the scores together. We'll see you behind the beer tent 15 min before the start of massed bands to get rocking with drummers of all ages and abilities (including some of the greats!)

Bass Workshop

Reagan Jones

Tenor Workshop

Jamie Alfred

Snare Workshop

Brian McCue

Video of Snare Scores

2/4 - Snare

3/4 - Snare

4/4 - Snare

6/8 - Snare

Videos of Tenor and Bass Scores

2/4 Bass and Tenor

3/4 Bass and Tenor

4/4 Bass and Tenor

6/8 Bass and Tenor

2/4 Voiced Tenor

3/4 Voiced Tenor

4/4 Voiced Tenor

6/8 Voiced Tenor